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1992, documentary,  35 mm, 20"

Director: Audrius Stonys
Screenwriter: Audrius Stonys
DOP: Dainius Mažulis
Editor: Danutė Cicėnaitė
Sound designer: Viktoras Juzonis
Producer: Dalia Cibauskaitė
Production company: Studija Kinema

A man of a tragic and strange fate. From being a constant guest of the salons, and restaurants  he suddenly becomes infinitely lonely. He  finds himself far from his homeland - a warm and pleasing country - maintaining his mentality and language, as if an exotic plant. Now, in Lithuania he wanders around the Old Town of Vilnius, like no other knowing every corner of it, every basement.

It was supposed to be a film about his last days in Vilnius, but it turned out to be about his last days on earth - Alexander died without seeing the film.

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