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workshops & masterclasses
Learn from the master of art house cinema.


Receive direct access and critical feedback from the pioneering director.

Sharunas Bartas will personally coach a selected group of filmmakers and actors who are on the path to becoming professional artists. Receive behind the scenes knowledge, critical advice and learn how to transform your vision into meaningful and coherent body of work.




​​Sharunas Bartas is one of the most unconventional and enigmatic filmmakers in Europe. He kickstarted his career with first feature “Three Days” (1991) immediately gaining international acclaim, winning FIPRESCI prize and storming through major film festivals. His later works “Few of Us” (1996), “House” (1998) established him as a highly sensitive artist who has something new and important to tell. 


Critics call him a grand poet of cinema, auteur’s auteur. Mysterious for the outsiders, in reality Bartas is a straightforward man, a creative rebel with deep knowledge of the technical side of film making. A true craftsman, who believes that quality should never be compromised. 


Bartas has never followed a formula. Shortly after graduating VGIK film school, in 1989, he established Studija Kinema - first independent film company in Lithuania. Soon after, he became the first to establish Lithuanian co-production with a European country. His latest film “In the Dusk” (2019), a six country co-production, was selected in official selections of Cannes, San Sebastian film festivals and participated in over twenty other film festivals around the globe. 


Throughout all of his career, Bartas pushed boundaries of traditional film making. From Siberian mountains and Morocco deserts to war zones in Ukraine - he went to shoot his films in most difficult locations walking off the beaten tracks and solving problems through ingenuity.

“The director’s work covers almost all the professions in cinema: cinematography, sound, production issues. All this requires a lot of strength. In my opinion, directors must intervene in any process that’s not going the way they think it should be going. The only thing that counts is what you see on the screen. After all, you can’t say in the credits that someone on the creative team has failed.”   - Sharunas Bartas

We're looking for emerging filmmakers from all over the world to participate in the following programs:


individual sessions

Language:  English, Russian, Lithuanian

Price:  90 €/hour 

“Nothing is easy in filmmaking: there is a lot of stress, a lot of people, a lot of problems, a lot of circumstances exceeding our control. It is not easy until the last cut, the last frame adjustment, the last colour and light correction.”

Private working sessions with Mr. Bartas, in which selected applicants will have a chance to share with him one of their projects in development, production or post production phase. Mr. Bartas will personally study the progress, and offer guidance towards a result while always considering the personal view of the filmmaker.

*Workshops are held via video call unless physical attendance is possible.


individual sessions

Language:  English, Russian, Lithuanian

Price: 90 €/hour

“Acting is part of our communication. We understand each other, because we are united by our means of expression. A good actor doesn’t act at all.”

Personalised acting workshops will take you on an exploratory journey. Through the work of self analysis learn how to communicate without words. Through the work with monologue develop your ability to be heard.  Integrate those two aspects and build a solid working ground within yourself.

*Workshops are held via video call unless physical attendance is possible.


group masterclass


“If you want to make films, you need the knowledge of all the professions of filmmaking, you need to know your tools.”

Three days in-depth online masterclass will take you through the main points of film creation, from finding and developing a story that feels real and relevant, to getting funding and forming crew, working with actors, shooting techniques, creative decisions and editing.

Sharunas Bartas will explore each stage in detail sharing practical knowledge and techniques that he has developed during his 30 year career, making this course inspiring and enlightening for anyone seeking to direct their own films.


for film schools


Sharunas Bartas is available as a guest speaker and lecturer on the subject of filmmaking, directing, producing, cinematography, editing and acting.

We are open to consider the best performing filmmaking students' participation in Mr. Bartas upcoming film production that will take place in Lithuania during Summer-Autumn 2023.


coming soon


Develop or edit a project while living and working in a beautiful countryside estate surrounded by lakes and forests.

Located in Lithuania, the space is designed for development or completion of the film production in an environment that promotes focus and productivity.

At any time of day, professional facilities are available, including an office space, fully equipped editing studio, projection room and additional studio space.




We invite to fill in the application form to participate in mentorship and acting programs.

Selected applicants will receive a confirmation email, after which they will be contacted individually to discuss time, date, service fee and other details.rclass: 90 eur/hour

The payments are collected after each working session by a bank transfer.

If you have any further questions please contact us at 

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