2005, Drama, 35 mm,  116"

Director: Sharunas Bartas

Screenwriter: Sharunas Bartas

DOP: Sharunas Bartas

Sound designer: Vladimir Golovnitski

Make-up artist: Aleksandr Žurba

Editors: Niels Dekker, Danielius Kokanauskis

Production companies: Studija Kinema, Gemini Films (France), Madragoa filmes (Portugal), Roaring Films (Netherlands)

Cast: Dmitri Podnozov, Saakanush Vanyan, Aleksandr Esaulov, Rita Klein, Denis Kirilov, Igor Cygankov

The story is set in the south of the ex-USSR, in Crimea. The characters are outcasts. Their hostility to society makes them want to flee both the law and themselves.
Their flight becomes a journey that leads to an inevitable clash with the world, which they can neither change nor rebuild as they see fit.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.