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1992, Documentary, 35 mm, 16"

The first autumn snow coincides with the last seconds of human life. The onset of winter completes the cycle of nature and human life.

Director: Valdas Navasaitis

Screenwriter: Valdas Navasaitis

DOP: Vladas Naudžius

Sound designer: Vidmantas Kazlauskas

Editor: Vida Buckutė

Production company: Studija Kinema

SCAM Prize - CINEMA DU REEL, Paris, France, 1993;

Audience Prize - Babelsberg Student Film Festival, Germany, 1992;

Main prize - Baltic Film and TV Festival, Bornholm, Denmark, 1993;

Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, The Netherlands, 1992

Locarno International Film Festival, 1993

Cinema Documental Amascultura, Portugal, 1996

International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany, 1992

International Festival in Lucerne “VIPER”, 1992

Paris Autumn Festival, 1992

Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival, Germany, 1992

Tampere International Film Festival, Finland, 1993

St. Petersburg International Festival “Message to Man”, 1993

Cinema du Reel International Festival of Anthropological and Sociological Films, France, 1993

International Short Film Festival Villa do Conde, Portugal, 1993

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