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2022, Documentary, DCP, 25"

trip - poster.jpg

Director: Rimantas Oičenka

Screenwriter: Rimantas Oičenka

Producer: Jurga Kaye

Cinematographer: Linas Žiūra

Sound director: Sigitas Motoras

Composer: Vytautas Leistrumas

Set designer: Aneta Bublytė

Editor: Rimantas Oičenka

Production company: Studija Kinema

It is 1975 in Soviet Lithuania. In a backdrop of an industrial fishing boat fishermen kiss their wives goodbye. They are going off to sea to catch fish in the far Atlantic coasts of Africa. The boat is going to be their home for the upcoming five months. Time flies fast and the fishermen are waiting only for one thing - letters from their wives.

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