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Peace to Us in Our Dreams 2015 Sharunas Bartas Ramybė Mūsų Sapnuose


2015, Drama, DCP, 107"

Director: Shrunas Bartas

Screenwriter: Sharunas Bartas

DOP: Eitvydas Doškus

Sound designers: Jean-Guy Veran, Vladimir Golovnitski, Sigitas Motoras

Editor: Gintarė Sokelytė

Set designers: Audrius Dumikas, Julija Matulytė

Composer: Alexander Zekke

Producers: Sharunas Barta, Jurga Dikčiuvienė at Studija Kinema

Co-producers: Janja Kralj at Kinoelektron, Alexandre Plotnikov at Look Film, Vincent Wang at House on Fire

Cast: Sharunas Bartas, Lora Kmieliauskaitė, Ina Marija Bartaitė, Eugenijus Barunovas, Aušra Eitmontienė, Edvinas Goldsteinas, Klavdija Koršunova



One summer day, a man, his current compagnion and his daughter arrive to their countryside house to spend a weekend. After the death of her mother, the sixteen year old daughter lives with her father, whose attention she lacks. He is tired of his daily routine at work and does not know how to find strength to carry on living. His wife, a violinist, does not feel any joy of life, as she is confused in her priorities – music, love and career. Despite the fact they love each other, their relationship is tensed and is on the brink of collapse.

Film premiered at Cannes Film Festival: Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, 2015.

Istanbul International Film Festival: Nominee for Golden Tulip, Turkey, 2016

Sharunas Bartas retrospective at T-Mobile New Horizons Film Festival, Poland, 2015

Sharunas Bartas retrospective at Indie Film Festival, Brasil, 2015

CINEAST Film Festival: Official selection, Luxembourg, 2015

Listapad International Film Festival: Main Feature Competition, Belarus, 2015

Baltic Film Days: Official selection, Norway. 2015

Sevilla European Film Festival: Official selection, Spain, 2015

Lisboa & Estoril: Official selection, Portugal, 2015

Batumi International Art-House Film Festival: Feature film Selection, Georgia, 2015

Riga International Film Festival: Official Competition, Latvia 2015

Stockholm IFF: Open Zone, Sweden, 2015

Palic European Film Festival: Parallels and Encounters, Serbia, 2015

Vukovar Film Festival: Europe, Open un, Croatia, 2015

Haiffa International Film Festival: Gaia, Israel, 2015

Rio International Film Festival: World Panorama, Brasil. 2015

CameriMage: The Baltic Sea Region Cinema Review, Poland 2015

Lithuanian Film Awards Winner Silver Crane Best Feature Film, Best Director Sharunas Bartas, Best Supporting Actress Klavdiya Korshunova, Best Editing Gintare Sokelyte, Best Cinematographer Eitvydas Doskus, Lithuania, 2016

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