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Earth of Blind

1991m, documentary, 35 mm, 28"

Screenwriter and directror: Audrius Stonys

DOP: Rimvydas Leipus

Sound designer: Viktoras Juzonis

Composer: Vidmantas Bartulis

Editor: Danutė Cicėnaitė

The film springs from at least three ideas connected to each other in an irrational way: the story of a cow being taken to the butcher, the description of simple pleasures, how to ascend to the top of a hill and descend in a wheelbarrow, and the portraiture of a several blind people.

FELIX'92 for Best European Documentary, Canada, 1992

Best Experimental Film - International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany, 1992

Prize - International Visual Arts Festival MEDIAWAVE, Derry, Germany, 1992

Prize for Best Picture - International Film Festival, Mons, Belgium, 1992

Baltic Film and TV Film Festival in Bornholm, Sweden, 1992

International Film Forum "Arsenal", Riga, Latvia, 1992

Győr International Film Festival Mediawave, Hungary, 1993

Locarno International Film Festival, Tomorrow’s Leopardes, 2002

Die Film Fest., France, 1996

Screened at festivals and various film programs in Paris, Rouen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London.

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