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1996, Drama, 35 mm, 105"

Director: Sharunas Bartas

Screenwriter: Sharunas Bartas

DOP: Sharunas Bartas

Editor: Mingailė Murmulaitienė

Sound designer: Vladimir Golovnitski

Production comapnies: Studija Kinema, Gemini Films (France), Madragoa Filmes (Portugal, WDR (Germany)

Cast: Katerina Golubeva

A girl stares out through the window of a helicopter at the harsh and endless landscape of the Sayans. Why has she come to a place untouched by civilisation, inhabited only by a small, God-forsaken tribe named the Tofolars?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Cannes International Film Festival, official program Un Certain Regard, 1996

Brussels International Film Festival - l’Age d’or Prize, 1996

V’iennale International Film Festival, Vienna, Austria, 1996

Open CIS and Baltic Film Festival in Anapa, Russia, 1996 - Best Director Award, Critics' Prize

Haifa International Film Festival, Israel, 1996

Sao Paolo International Film Festival, Italy, 1996

Reminicinema International Film Festival, Italy, 1996

Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece, 1996

Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan, 1996

International Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata, Argentina, 1996

Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden, 1997

Hong Kong Film Festival, 1997

European Film Forum, Strasbourg, 1997

Hamburg International Film Festival, Germany, 1997

Hela Sverige Film Festival, Sweden, 1997

estation Cinema Jove, Valencia, Spain, 1997, etc.

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