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1992, documentary, 35 mm, 30"

Director: Artūras Jevdokimovas

Screenwriter: Artūras Jevdokimovas

DOP: Dainius Mažulis

Sound designer: Vidmantas Kazlauskas

Editor: Vida Buckutė

Production company: Studija Kinema

Tusheti live in the northeastern Caucasus, surrounded on all sides by mountains. There is no electricity, no shops; so the money is almost unnecessary there. The main occupation of mascots is sheep breeding. Up the River is a film about shepherds and sheep.

Special prize of jury - International Parnu film festival, 1992

International festival of visual arts „Mediaware", Gyor, Hungary, 1994

International festival Alpe Adria Cinema", Trieste, Italy, 1997

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